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5 Frame Nucs
Spring, Summer and Fall Nucs are available Call ahead before placing order (352) 269-1621
Our 5 frame nucs are strong with a young Italian/Carniolan queen that has been accepted and laying within the colony. The nuc will consist of two outside frames of honey and 3 inside frames with brood and eggs and loaded with bees! Jester Ez nuc (transfer) boxes are available for an additional charge +$15.

5 Frame nuc

Complete Hive 

Our Complete Hive will consist of everything you need to get started. The hive comes with a painted deep box, painted lid, Painted bottom board and 5 brand new frames and 5 frames of Carniolan/Italian bees with 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of honey and established quuen that has already been accepted to the hive and laying eggs.


Our queens are young mixed breed Italians/Carniolans that have been mated and are laying. They're gentle and great honey producers.

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