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How Wild Honey Bee Farm Started

        HI my name is Garrett McWilliams and I have been around bees my whole life.  It was something I always enjoyed doing as a kid with my grandparents: who were beekeepers that managed around 800 beehives. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away when I was a teenager. Then when I graduated high school, I had the opportunity to start with my own beehives and put his old equipment back to use. I had about 7 hives and learned how to manage them throughout the years and was slowly able to expand to a few hundred beehives. Thankfully a good friend of mine Scott Campbell from my church who decided to join the family business has been a blessing and a huge help to the growth of our business.  Here at Wild Honey Bee Farm, we like to keep bees the old fashion way that I observed from my grandparents. Wild Honey Bee Farm is a small business which helps focus more on the quality of the beehives. We sell bees such as queens & 5 frame nucs, pollinate farmer's crops, and produce natural raw honey and beeswax candles. So bee sure to check out the shop!

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